Winning the heart of your dream woman is something that men all over the world would like to achieve. Some people have even created a good business from it as they promise secrets that will win the lady over for you. The reality is though that everybody is different and what one woman may love, another may hate. It is all down to the individual, so it is up to you to find out just what the lady likes. For PalaceVIP escort Eve, the person that wins her over will be a man that can play the guitar.

An Erotic Melody

Eve has loved the guitar ever since she was young. She has also learned to play it herself. As much as she loves to play herself, though, she just loves to have somebody play for her. This can mean going to a rock concert, or being played to privately behind closed doors. Having been bought up listening to greats such as Jimi Hendricks and Brian May, she has high standards and can spot a great player from an average one straight away.

For Eve, listening to a great plater play live has an almost erotic sensation about it. As a beautiful escort, Eve often finds that men are trying to do their best to win her over. Few manage it though. What many don’t realise is that they can increase their chances significantly just by taking Eve to a live performance. Even just talking about guitars and guitar players could help to push some of the right buttons.

Talented Fingers

While taking Eve to a live rendition will certainly help you chances, being able to play yourself will really help to seal the deal. If you do have talented fingers that help you to play the guitar well, you could be the one that Eve has been looking for. If booking an appointment with Eve and you can play the guitar, remember to have your guitar with you and you could well be in for a truly memorable evening.

Even though guitars are Eve’s personal preference, remember that different women like different things. It could be piano, writing or maybe somebody that can create a wonderful meal. Take the effort to ask the lady and she will be more than happy to let you know. Doing so could be the key to helping you get the women you’ve always dreamed about.