While some rock stars seem eager to smash up their guitars after a performance, many more people are more careful about their prized possession. Guitar maintenance can mean a great deal to a lot of people, as they want it to remain in great condition for as long as possible. This means taking good care of it, and this is easy to do provided you follow some basic rules.

Keep it in the Case
When you are not using your guitar, keep it kept safely locked in its case. This will help to prevent it from being scratched or damaged in any way. If you do want to keep it on display, put it somewhere out of the way so it can’t get bumped into accidently. Accidents can happen, and it can be easy for them to cause a lot of damage to your favourite guitar.

Clean and Wax
It is inevitable that your guitar will pick up dust and other dirt over time. Usually, it is easy to just clean away with a cloth, but there is more that you can do to protect it. Wax, and other protective products will help to keep the wood safe from damage and decay. It will also help to make sure your guitar remains looking as good as new for years to come.

Keeping your guitar in good condition is largely a case of common sense. Just a few minutes a week and you can keep it looking and sounding as good as the day you bought it.